The content taught in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies is based on the Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards in K-4.

For Language Arts, teachers follow the NAFC placing guides, which are based on the Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards for Reading, Writing, and Word Study.  Differentiated reading instruction is provided in small groups.  Instruction for these groups is guided by information from the DRA2 running records, CFAs (Common Formative Assessments), and teacher observations in guided reading lessons. Teachers use strategies from Jan Richardson’s Next Steps in Guided Reading to teach reading.

Teachers use interactive experiences to teach Mathematics and Science. These experiences include use of manipulatives, experiments, and problem solving. Additionally, for math instruction, flexible grouping and common formative assessments serve as platforms for guiding and prescribing instruction.

Social Studies curriculum allows teachers pull relevant resources from the community to enhance instructional practices. Group and home projects, oratoricals, participation in student government and leveled readers are also available to supplement the textbook.

Common Formative Math and Language Arts Assessments

Professional Learning Communities administer common assessments in math and language arts and group students based on particular needs. Results of assessments are used to adapt the teaching to meet the learner’s needs. Graphing the assessments and using the terminology help students take control of their own learning.